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New Car warranties what you need to know

All new cars come with a car manufacturer warranty, usually lasting for three years.

A car warranty is there to provide car owners with peace of mind that should a car develop a fault, it can be fixed under warranty with no cost to them.

However, the car warranty only covers certain breakdowns and car failures - there are usually plenty of rules that apply to the warranty. A car warranty won’t cover the wear and tear items such as tyres and brake pads, you will still need to pay for as part of the car’s ongoing running costs.

How used-car warranties work

Aftermarket car warranties like Big Assist Protect are designed for when your car no longer has a manufacturer's warranty. They work in the same way as a new-car warranty but take into account mileage and any wearing parts of the car, which is why there are a variety of packages to choose from in th emarket place.

The general rule of thumb is this: the cheaper the warranty, the less cover it provides.

So you should always make sure you understand what your car warranty covers, and what exclusions it has.

As with a new-car warranty, used-car options have certain criteria that need to be met.

These can include the car having a valid, current MOT certificate and a service in the past 12 months by a reputable garage.

Do I need a car warranty?

All new cars come with a manufacturer warranty as standard,

If you’re buying an older car bought out of its initial cover period, a warranty could make financial sense for those who don’t want to risk the cost of a major repair.

A good warranty could save you thousands over the term of the warranty, a sudden failure of a vehicle’s components could run into the thousands, and that would be just 1 claim, warranties like the Big Motoring World Warranty have unlimited claims, meaning you can claim multiple times regardsless of how bog or small the claim. Beware if you do choose to buy a warranty online make sure you read the terms and conditions carefully as these individual polices can vastley vary dramatically.


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