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It's unusual for a new car to break down entirely, but many do have their fair share of squeaks, rattles and electrical faults.

There is no need to rely on manufacturer claims for reliability and testing to guess which car is likely to be most trouble-free.

Customer satisfaction surveys give the best and earliest indications of how reliable a car is, taking into account small annoyances as well as major faults.

The JD Power UK Vehicle Dependability Survey is based on responses from more than 13,000 drivers of cars that are between one and three years old.

Each one is ranked in three different areas: problems with the car's features (mostly electrical), from technology to ventilation systems; the interior and exterior fittings, which highlights issues including rattles, water leaks, paint finish and wind noise; as well as engine and gearbox issues.

An overall mark out of five is also applied. Under JD Power's system, it's possible to get five out of five without a perfect score in each category. You'll see the highest-scoring cars in different categories below

JD Power UK: best manufacturers

The newest JD Power UK Vehicle Dependability Survey was published in August 2017 and ranked car manufacturers on the average number of problems per hundred cars.

These could range from a small squeak to a total engine failure, so most vehicles had at least one issue

Kia and Volvo were named the most reliable manufacturers, tied in first place with 83 problems reported per 100 vehicles in the survey. Skoda was next (89 problems), followed by Suzuki (92). Hyundai came fifth with 97 problems and Toyota was sixth with 105 problems.

The average car had 131 problems.

Far below this figure was Fiat, with 165 issues per 100 cars.

The reputation of German car makers took a hit, with Mercedes only scraping in at just above average - its cars suffered 129 problems per 100 vehicles. Even so, that's a considerably better result than its rivals, which were at the bottom. Audi had 187 problems per 100 cars and and BMW was last, by some distance, with 198.

This article is for cars in their first 3 years of ownership, if you are buying a pre owned BMW, Mercedes Audi or VW it is vitality important you seek out good warranty cover for the car.

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